FAQs - Mind Growth Arithmetic Training

If a child is good at mathematics, would the programme still be beneficial?

The Mental Arithmetic program is open to all children regardless of their academic level or qualifications in certain school subjects. Through the program children improve in the subject of mathematics, but also experience a significant improvement in other subjects through the development of right hemisphere (memory, concentration, etc.). A balance between the right and left hemisphere is established.

Does the program help children get better grades in school?

The Mental Arithmetic program is based on visualization and conceptualization, this means that children learn to visualize the problems and tasks in the form of images.This leads to improved understanding, increased memory and analytical skills acquasition, which have an overall positive effect on school performance.

For how long should children practice at home?

In addition to the two hours per week of class, the child should practice at home Mental Arithmetic for 5-10 minutes a day to take better advantage of the program.

Why at the age of 5?

Because at this age children already know how to read, write and they also understand the meaning of numbers from 0 to 9.

Is the programme a full time educational programme?

No. Mind Growth Training is only a supplementary educational course with the aim of aiding the child in using their brain abilities to the maximum level by stimulating both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Though it will help them achieve better grades at school, it is not a substitute for school.


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